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Find lists of local social organizations where people go to meet one another. Select those which seem to offer the best prospects.

Go along and meet people. Join in the activities. Get to know the folks. Make friends. Enjoy the company.

Get referrals. Sell quietly to them and their companies.

And when you are no longer enjoying yourself and no longer doing business, leave and join another club.

You can also do this with your children, talking with other parents. Of course you should only encourage your kids to join clubs for things they will enjoy!

You may also be able to invite prospective customers to the club, which can provide a pleasant environment in which to get information and more from them.


A salesperson who is interested in stamps joins a local philatelic club. His clear knowledge and interest leads to many friends being made, who also give him information to help him sell elsewhere.

An insurance salesperson joins the local Round Table and quietly gets leads and referrals from other members.

A real estate agent joins the local golf club and does much business out on the links.


Clubs and societies are often either based around specific interests, such as model railways, or tend to have a class-based division. Thus, for example, there are many middle-class clubs.

These societies often meet out of office hours and there will be a limited number you can practically join at one time, so do select those which seem most suitable. Also try to find ones you will enjoy!

Note that if you are too overt about selling and getting information you can evoke a betrayal response, so do be subtle about this. It really helps if you join in whole-heartedly. If you just turn up occasionally and do not help out, you are more likely to be found out and ignored.

Some of these societies are quite selective, such as the freemasons. However, when you have joined, they may also provide the best contacts. People in such organizations often seek to help one another in business as well as life.

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