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Why should I employ you?


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The question

Why should I employ you?

Why should we offer you a job?

What makes you better than other candidates?

What in particular would you bring to the position?

What they are looking for

The first thing that this question will expose is the real understanding you have about the company plus the specific job in question, and consequently how you fit into that requirement.

This question allows the candidate to make a convincing statement and hence will tell something of how good you are at persuading. As a 'big' question it will also test your ability to give a concise and effective answer.

How to answer

This can be a clincher questions -- where candidates seem fairly similar, a good answer here can make all the difference.

Show your understanding of both the company and what the job entails.

CameraCo has a strong reputation for service, and the job of service manager needs someone with both deep service experience and a strong service attitude.

Then show that you have those qualities, skills, experience and abilities that are needed. Make it clear (without boasting or criticizing other candidates) that you are unique, with particular strengths and fit.

I have worked for ten years in service management in other service-oriented companies, where I have contributed to consistent improvement customer satisfaction and consequent business growth.

Also show your motivation to succeed and desire to get the job. Explain how you will make the company and (as appropriate) the person across the table successful.

I would love to work for CameraCo, which I can see has the capacity for significant growth. I am convinced I can use my experience to ensure that customer satisfaction not only does not slip in this drive forward but also grows to a market-beating level.

See also

How does your current job fit into the overall business

What has made you successful?

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