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How does your current job fit into the overall business?


Disciplines > Job-finding > Interview questions > How does your current job fit into the overall business?

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The question

How does your current job fit into the overall business?

What contribution do you make to the business?

What is the business of your current employer?

What they are looking for

That you understand more than just your job, but also something of the larger business.

That you are interested in more than just your job.

That you have a 'business brain' and understand the general principles of business.

That you want to contribute real value to the business and will adjust what you do to maximize your contribution.

How to answer

Show that you understand business in general and your employer's business in particular. Talk about the company vision, mission, strategy and products. Show not just knowledge but also enthusiasm for the business and higher-level understanding in general. Mention customers and competitors to show that you understand the outside world as well as what goes on within the business.

We provide cleaning services to small and medium companies. This is highly competitive and we need to keep our costs under control whilst providing good service.

Show how what you do fits in both with the overall business goals.

I manage a group of cleaners and work with them and others to ensure that the job gets done both efficiently and effectively.

Also show how you work well with others in the business.

In order to do this, I work closely with the finance department, who help me understand the latest figures, and also the HR manager, who has been working with me to build a sustained motivation and recruit the right people.

Done well, this will lead to other questions for which you have the right answers ready.

See also


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