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Voices of transformation


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Sowell, B.E. (2007). Voices of Transformation: The Ethics of Survival, Sowell


The question of ethics is one that is fundamental to the survival of the modern world, yet has concerned thinkers for many centuries. Bryan Sowell, a well-educated master teacher has brought together many of these works,

The book particularly concerns itself with the transformational change that is needed for us to sustain and survive, both at personal and global levels. To quote: 'Voices focuses upon this endless struggle for transformation against the prejudice of religious oppression, social and political ideoology, scientific advancements, or materialistic values.'

In 322 pages, the body of the book includes specific analyses of over 50 authors and books, interspersed with discussions and linkages, covering detail from works as diverse as Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning to Freud's Interpretation of Dreams and Kierkegaard's Either/Or. Many lenses give many views and much to think about, which is a strength of the book. Almost by definition it is also a limitation in the lack of overall cohesion, yet this is a subject that perhaps has no single position.

Written from an intensive study and an academic position, this is not the easiest of books to read, yet for those who persist, it can be ultimately enlightening and rewarding. For those looking for a deep exploration of ethics and transformation, it is a treasure-trove.


The book was supplied for review directly by the author and at the time of writing, is not available on the internet. For more information, please contact the author at the following email address (broken up here to protect from spammers).

r s o w e l l @ v a l o r n e t . c o m



Bryan E. Sowell, Voices of Transformation: The Ethics of Survival, Sowell, 2007 

A fascinating and intense book that examines many different perspectives on ethics in the ancient and modern worlds. Not a light read, but rewarding for those who stay the course. See also the review of this book.



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