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 Richard Boleslavski, Acting: The First Six Lessons, Theatre Arts Books, 1970

  Another classic with gems on every page. More than 'the first six lessons', of course, covering much that actors need to know. Like Stanislavski, written as a master-student storyline.


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Michael Chekhov, On the Technique of Acting, HarperResource, 1991 

  A classic text from a relative and student of Stanislavski who journeyed West out of Russia. Includes the full text of his original note 'To the Actor'. Focuses on the actor as imaginative. 


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Toby Cole (editor), Acting, Three Rivers Press, 1995  

A solid addition to your library on method acting, this is a collection of essays by people like Stanislavski, Vakhtangov (one of his pupils) and Chekhov. Adds detail and further understanding to the subject.


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Toby Cole and Helen Chinoy (eds), Actors on Acting: The Theories, Techniques, and Practices of the World's Great Actors, Told in Their Own Words, Three Rivers Press, 1995

In its third edition, this is a classic primer that covers many different approaches to acting, reaching all the way back to ancient Greece.


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Edward Dwight, On Method Acting, Ivy Books, 1989  

A very readable book that gives a clear and easy overview of method acting. Particularly useful if you don't want to get into the heavy detail.


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Loraine S. Hull, Strasberg's Method As Taught by Lorrie Hull: A Practical Guide for Actors, Teachers, Directors, Hull-Smithers, 2004

And excellent book on method acting. Easy to read, untangling some of the buried treasure in books by the earlier masters.


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Judy Kerr, Acting is everything, September Publishing, 2003

In its tenth edition at the time of writing, this is a great book for actors with not only many tips on acting but also sage advice on how to get into the business whilst avoiding the many scams that seek to take advantage of desperate actors.


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Eric Morris, Joan Hotchkis and Jack Nicholson, No Acting Please, Ermor Enterprises, 1995 

  A useful book by controversial coach Eric Morris on his method of 'being' the person and 'feeling what they feel' rather then trying to 'get into' the role or 'acting' it.


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Sanford Meisner and Dennis Longwell, Sanford Meisner on Acting, Vintage, 1987

A solid book from the man himself on his approach to acting, that includes emotional preparation and 'being' the person you are representing.


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Constantine Stanislavski and Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood, An Actor Prepares, Theatre Art Books, 1989

  The original on method acting from the master Stanislavski. Written as interaction between a master and his student. Packed with wisdom that is still highly relevant today.


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Constantine Stanislavski and Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood, Building a Character, Theatre Art Books, 1989

  Another of the set of classics in method acting from the master Stanislavski. Written in his usual storying style, it delves into the detail of the character.


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Constantine Stanislavski and Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood, Creating a Role, Theatre Art Books, 1989

  Another of the set of classics in method acting from the master Stanislavski. Again, in his story-based master-and-student style, it delves into the detail of the role-building. An essential part of the set.


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