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Staging the Outside of the House


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The sense of the house

As you look at houses that you pass, they can look solid, friendly, ostentatious, forbidding, neat, tired and so on.

The outside of the house is its public face. It makes a statement about the house that may be illusory, for example where external ornamentation such as pillars and porches makes the house look larger than it actually is.

Staging the house

Staging the exterior surfaces of the house is first about ensuring they are clean and recently painted.


Walls are the largest surface on the outside of the house and should be clean. If there is any lichen or other growth, scrub this off and treat it to reduce regrowth. 

If the walls are painted, scrape or wire-brush away flakes before giving a good new coat of paint. White is by far the most common house color although other light colors are common. It is always important that the house fits in with other houses nearby (while also standing out as 'better').

If the house is 'character painted', for example with purple walls and bright yellow paintwork, it is a good idea to return this to a neutral color.


Clean all windows well. Ensure paintwork around them is fresh and clean, preparing the surface well beforehand, including scraping away any flaking paint. Cut back any overspill paint that has found its way onto the glass.

If there are any large plants growing around windows, cut them back to ensure the best light inside the house. Plants generally should be seen to be under control rather than taking over.

If there are any rotten frames, you should do something about this, such as repairing or replacing them.

Window boxes with bright flowers in can make a house look fresh and friendly. Red flowers against white paintwork is classically effective here.


Doors should be clean and freshly painted. The front door in particular should be both bold and welcoming. A way to do this is to sand it down until is quite smooth and then give it a good coat of black gloss paint. Then put on new door furniture and add welcoming plants either side of it.


If you live under trees then you are likely to have leaves on the roof and in the gutters. Clear these off and, if necessary, treat or scrub any discoloration such as from green lichen.

If you have any flat roofs, clean these and repair any rips, bubbles or other problems. Given the impact on price, it may even be worth replacing old flat roof surfaces.


Clean any leaves out of gutters and ensure the gutters are in good repair. Clean any spill-over marks on the guttering and walls or floor below.

Watch for leakage signs on downpipes and clean these up. Ensure downspouts are pointing in the right direction.

If the guttering and drainpipes looks old and tired, consider replacing them.

See also

Staging the Front of the House, Staging the Garden


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