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Bottom body language


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The bottom is a large padded area at the base of the back. It has many alternative names (bum, ass, fanny, etc.), indicating its significance.

Pushing out

The bottom has a strange combination of meaning. It houses the smelly anus and hence can symbolize unpleasantness. Yet it also can have a sexual significance and some people find it particularly attractive in a partner.

Pushing the bottom towards someone may thus be an insult or an invitation, depending on the situation. It can thus say 'kiss my ass' or 'fondle my fanny' and may thus need careful interpretation!

Exposing the bottom can range from a slight push towards the person or significant extension, such as from leaning on a table (to retain balance) or bending over, such that the upper body is hidden and the bottom is highly visible.

'Mooning' is a semi-serious insult and involves exposing the naked bottom. This is a bit degrading and is often done with a certain amount of humorous intent.


Waving the bottom draws attention to it even more than pushing it out, although this tends to be more enticing than insulting.

Wiggling the hips can cause loose muscle on the buttocks to oscillate even more. This is highly visible and is used by women to attract men. It is sometimes called 'shaking the booty' and is a common feature in dancing. Wiggling hips may also make the upper body move in compensation, making the move even more attractive.


With hands behind, the person is more vulnerable and cannot cover their front. This may thus either be a relaxed and comfortable position or else a defiant power display. Putting hands in rear pockets makes them slightly less difficult to retrieve in the event of an attack and hence suggests the person is even more relaxed.

Stroking the bottom often suggests that the person would like their bottom stroked and may thus be a suggestive invitation.

Placing the hands on the buttocks also exposes the chest and hence gives a combined suggestive signal.

The thigh may be slapped as a self-punishment or 'gee up' self motivation.

See also

Hips body language

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