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Jeff Beals, J. (2013). Selling Saturdays (Blue Chip Sales Tips From College Football), Keynote Publishing, Omaha, Nebraska


Book review : Selling Saturdays


In the USA, American Football is a massively popular sport, which makes it a big business with a lot of money involved. And it all revolves around the players, where rare talent and hard training create some of the best athletes in the world. But where do you find such talent? Fortunately, there is a well-defined system of football in high schools that feed universities, from which the national players are selected.

So what has football got to do with sales? There are many, many books on sales, so if you want to learn something new, then a great technique is to fish elsewhere. And this is what author Jeff Beals has done. He noted the incredible difficulty that colleges have in attracting the best high school football stars and spent three years interviewing top coaches and researching the ways they persuade the star players to sign up with them. And from this has derived many lessons that sales people can practically use.

Imagine, then, that you are college football coach, desperately competing with all the other coaches to get the high school stars to sign up with you. Those who get the best will win the most and a good signing is worth a hundred game plays. And the way you do this is to sell your college, team, program and, of course, yourself to a 17-year-old, his family, his coach, friends and anyone else who may influence his choice.

What comes across clearly in this book is the intense passion and determination that coaches show in recruiting the best. They start early, travel far and spend huge amounts of time and energy in pursuit of hormonal teenagers. They use every sales method in the book and then some, which is why Beals has written this book for sales people. It is also a great book for recruiters as talent is always rare and having the best people on your business team can also have startling effects on your results.

The author brings the subject to life with many examples and you do not need to understand or enjoy American Football to appreciate the points, although those who do will probably feel these more strongly. Overall it is an easy read and makes it abundantly clear that the most important part of selling is you, your determination and your character. For while deception may win in the short term, the famous and successful coaches live on their personality and integrity.

So if you want to learn from the best salespeople in an incredibly tough market, buy this book!


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Jeff Beals, Selling Saturdays, CCB Publishing, 2007

A splendid and different book about selling. Beals spent three years interviewing college coaches and researching how they attract talent from high schools. It's a new take for sales people and a useful reference for any recruiters with a focus on top talent.



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