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The Gettysburg Approach to Writing and Speaking like a Professional


Book reviews > The Gettysburg Approach to Writing and Speaking like a Professional


Paul Yaffe (2009). The Gettysburg Approach to Writing and Speaking like a Professional, Indi Publishing, Phoenix, AZ


The purpose of this book is quite clear from its title: to help readers improve their writing and speaking skills. Titles are one thing, content is another. Does it fulfil its promise, you might legitimately wonder.

After establishing his (impressive) credentials, the author starts by discussing the fundamentals, differentiating between creative writing that seeks to amuse and entertain and 'expository writing' that instructs and informs, along with the different attitudes needed by communicators who want to create these very different styles. Clear, concise and appropriately dense writing is described as the critical three dimensions to use, with journalism presented in detail as an excellent model.

The book then goes on to discuss many useful methods in approaches such as structuring, where practical techniques are offered, such as separating a key idea from a longer sentence for dramatic impact. Of course speaking is also covered well, with much useful advice for presentations, including a strong section on the design and use of slides.

The final 'Easter egg' gift is in a long set of appendices which appear to be most of a training course that you can follows to embed learning and really start to write and speak even more effective.

The first thing to say about the book is that the author certainly takes his own medicine and in doing so has presented a very readable tome. It is also packed with sage advice, including uncommon wisdom to take your writing and speaking beyond the ordinary and towards the extraordinary. And the answer to the question about the title is yes: it really does what it says on the tin. This is a subject I have studied in some depth and perhaps the best compliment I can pay is to say that I learned a lot.


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Philip Yaffe, The Gettysburg Approach to Writing and Speaking like a Professional, Indi Publishing, 2009 

A very practical expert book on writing and presenting. Much uncommon wisdom that teaches you to write like a journalist and present like a pro.. 



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