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Review: Aurora: Volume 1 (All Worlds Unseen), by N.W. Twyford


Book reviews > Volume 1 (All Worlds Unseen), by N.W. Twyford


Twyford, N.W. (2015). Aurora: Volume 1 (All Worlds Unseen), CreateSpace


I'm not a frequent reader of novels, and even less a reviewer of them, yet when this book crossed my path I thought I'd give it a go, and I'm very glad I did. I've written quite a lot on storytelling but never had the ability to write a good novel, so particularly admire a decent yarn from a person who has both an excellent way with language and clearly understands the detail of proper storytelling.

Aurora is a tale in the grand tradition of what may be called 'reality fantasy', where people in the normal world intersect with beings and technologies that go beyond current science. It is probably aimed at children and not only hits its mark, but carries off a trick that few authors manage: it is a damned good read for adults too, fluid and easy yet gripping and intense. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series does this too, and Twyford's book has all the makings of following in her very successful footsteps.

Aurora is a 12 year old girl, living a mundane family existence where everyone else is football mad. Yet when she gets to visit her grandfather who is shut away in a care home, her life changes forever. Without giving the game away, she is soon off on a spirited adventure with him, fighting shadowy monsters, bridging between warring tribes and confronting the ultimately evil family: the Ne'er DuWells (corny name, you my wonder? But how about 'Muggles'?). The book builds well, with constant and developing tension that ends with a titanic battle and a thrilling transition to what promises to be an excellent sequel (and maybe a fantastic series).

The book as read is fresh off the press and self-published by the author. Like J.K. Rowling, Twyford may have to write several volumes yet before he gets noticed, but when he does I can see another global blockbuster in the making. Get your first edition while you can: it will probably be worth a mint in a few years time!


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N. W. Twyford, Aurora: Volume 1 (All Worlds Unseen), CreateSpace, 2015

A superb piece of reality fantasy, destined to be the next Harry Potter.



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