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Sunday 27-January-13

Hey, your computer booted up 102% quicker!

Every year I get a choice: which security software will I install this year? Well this year I went for AVG. No reason in particular. Used it before and it works fine. Well, perhaps it was because it came with a copy of 'Tune Up'. So I installed this too and had fun clicking on all the choices. I must say that over the years the interface to such products has improved hugely, going from an assumption that you're as geeky as the uber-geeks who programmed it and will understand every technical term they throw at you, to intelligent discussions about how you use the computer and offers to just 'improve things' for you. I was once a computer programmer geek so like to fiddle, but I moved to the human side of the equation around 25 years ago so have been drifting out of date ever since.

So there we are. Install software, click on options. Pretend to be knowledgeable about it all. Then hit the 'yes, I want to restart my computer'. And up it booted. I don't think I noticed anything particular until it popped up a box that said something like 'Hey, you computer just booted up 102% quicker - how did you like that?' I paused and thought about this. And you know it had booted up much quicker than it had been of late. And as I continued working I now was watching for speed improvements and you know it really does seem to have lost that sluggishness that computers seem to gain over the years.

So Tune-Up not only improved my computer's performance, it made me realize that it had done this. What a great way of gaining brand loyalty! I'm now so impressed at the technology and the psychology used, I'm telling you about it.

It's a good reminder too: if you help people out, let them know how much it has really helped them. Often people don't realize how others have helped, as they quickly adapt to the new situation. So, without over-doing it, let them know that you're helping out!

Your comments

I had the same experience... and exactly at 102% too. So... it also made me think at first, but you had the same metric. Now it makes me wonder how legit is that improvement measure. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I also enjoyed improvements of AVG lately.

-- Jeff D

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