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Friday 02-December-11

Free (again)

Last year around this time I got made redundant. Well, sort of. I was working for a government organisation which the new government decided to close down. That was just after moving us from London to Coventry. I had already said that I would not go and would take the termination package instead. And then everyone else, including those poor folk who had upped and moved their families to Coventry also got kicked out.

I wasn't too upset. It would give me more time to write and do all those things I'd been planning on doing for years. I'd been writing this website over ten years while also bringing up a family and doing another master's degree (this time in psychology). With all that completed, a bit of 'me' time was very welcome, including more writing and learning to do other things like cook and play the keyboard. Well, I bought a cheap keyboard and tinkered a bit. I got more enthusiastic about cooking and was soon experimenting with all kinds.

And then the call came. A former colleague was working at BCS (the chartered institute for IT) and asked me to go along to do some marketing. I accepted the contract, and then stayed to do some more project management on a new qualification on making your website accessible. It's a good organization with lovely people and I enjoyed working there, though it meant everything else was a rush.

But now the contract is over and I'm free again! I'm currently sipping coffee and merrily typing away, although it's now Monday and this is last Friday's blog. Sorry about the delay--I took my wife away for the weekend as a celebration and I'm only now catching up. But it's so nice. My wife's gone off to work. It's just me and our two slightly nutty golden retrievers.

So what next? My to-do list is about 30 tasks long, from sorting out old clothes to writing a new book to catching up with old friends. And writing lots more for, of course.

I'm also considering running some training classes. I've always taught, once in high school and adults on and off ever since. So it's about time I started again. But how do you go about starting up? And in recessionary times, when education budgets are being cut? Yet isn't that just the time when new learning is critical? So I'll spend the Winter developing and hit the road in the Spring. If you're interested and would like to shape what I develop or are interested or attend my training, please do drop me a line.

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