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Friday 03-June-11

Happiness is an option

It's Monday morning and I'm smiling. So what's the secret? Years ago, someone once told me that 'You can't always do what you like, but you can like what you do.' Whilst on the surface this may seem a bit trite I took it to heart and deliberately changed my mind about work and happiness.

Mood is infectious and if I act miserably then others around me may well get grumpy too. I thus work to break the vicious spiral that Monday easily becomes with a cheeriness that occasionally upsets the determinedly morose but which generally raises a smile or three. I'll also look for a bit of daily humour, whether it's weird news, a silly joke or a wry observation, and then pass it around. Such amusement is easy to find these days and the web is stuffed with rib-crackers.

Happiness is good for you. People who are happier suffer less stress and less associated illness. Interestingly, if you force a smile it may start as a grimace but your brain will eventually give up and conclude that it will just have to be happy after all.

So go on, join the happy club!

Your comments

People sometimes ask me why I'm happy and I reply "Why not?" Happiness is an option.

-- Kee N.

Dave replies:
Simple, but effective, Kee!

Great thoughts!
In my experience I have found happiness to be a by-product of my actions. It was a GOAL at one point early in my life to simply contrast the way I felt then, it was almost another extreme. Then I realized that doing the right thing , and having a 'code' or checks and balance way of living, yielded me the longer lasting type of happiness that is more enriching than happiness derived from selfish goals, or instant gratification. I wish that more people could start with action to achieve this. The ones that don't in my experience, are the people we indentify by saying "he/she will never be happy". looking again at the quote you stated above, I agree, if you like what you 'do' you will be able to find the kind of happiness that will endure time and circumstances, and as a result, inspire others to adopt this way of life..
Signed, TheLady Paintr

Dave replies:
Living in harmony with your values is a good formula.

So what if you feel like every single day is useless. because nothing ever goes the way you want it to i mean i feel stuck and i really don't know what in the hell I'm gonna do. I think it might be because I'm still young minded but I'm having trouble believing in anything it just never works out.

-- d

Daves replies:
Sounds like you're depressed. Know that you can still find happiness and that good surprises happen when you least expect them. Know that even though the nature of depression means you'll not believe this, you can still know that there's a way out because many others have found the way. There are people out there who can help. Just ask. Don't ask for a lot from those who are not that connected to you, just for them to listen for a little bit. Ask how they are too, as this will help them want to help you. Listen to them in ways you'd like them to listen to you.

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