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Wednesday 09-January-08

Retail experiences 1

In the clamouring consumer society in which we live, it seems retailers must work hard to slickly serve customers creating profitable satisfaction. In the past couple of days I've had two very different experiences, both of which I've enjoyed.

The first was in the Clark's shoe shop in Chester, where I found a bargain on the racks. The moment I looked around for help a friendly young man appeared and asked how he could help. When I said I wanted to buy the shoes, he spoke into the wireless headset he was wearing, ordering a pair of the shoes I wanted up from the stock room. And with a great piece of customer experience management told me to grab a place in the queue for the tills and the shoes would be brought to me.

Brilliant! A neat piece of customer experience analysis had told them that waiting for stock delivery then waiting to be served was not appreciated. So, feeling impressed, I joined the queue.

The next bit of selling was equally brilliant. As I shuffled towards the front of the queue, a nice young lady with a winsome smile approached me with my shoes. Rather than just hand me the box, she proffered it, much as a wine waiter might show a bottle of wine for approval. The paper was nicely folded back and the gleaming shoes neatly arranged in the paper nest. Interestingly, there was also a couple of canisters laid carefully inside the box. As I stood there, impressed, the young lady opened by asking me if these were the shoes I wanted, then launched into a smooth spiel about the necessity for the additional shoe cleaning bits.

I was so impressed, I nearly fell for it, knee-weakening smile and all (I noticed I was smiling back). But I already have a cupboard full of sell-on shoe-care products, so I congratulated her on her technique and politely declined.

After years of studying the subject I am still always pleased to meet great selling. In some ways I am still a sucker and can feel myself falling for it, though nowadays I can usually see it coming.

But what of the second experience? I've taken enough of your time for now so I'll talk about it in a future blog..

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