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Monday 22-January-07

The language of love, learning and cold calling

It is really sweet to hear my daughter talking with her boyfriend on the phone. Her voice goes all sugary and she uses words of endearment such as 'my baby'. The pitch of her voice also rises and words lengthen as she melts back to child mode.

When we love someone it shows plainly in what we say and how we say it, even through the limited bandwidth of the phone where body language is invisible. Likewise if we despise or care little for them, this unwelcome message also comes through loud and clear.

Heledd is a headhunter, working at the top end of executive search and a fair amount of her work is carried out on the phone. Wooing captains of industry away from their current jobs is  no mean feat, as is selling those captains to other firms. The people with whom she talks are busy bosses who are used to power and who hate wasting time. Switchboard operators and personal assistants are also challenges as they staunchly defend their managers and firms.

Heledd's success in her work is based partly on talent and partly on the fact she is an amazing 'learning machine'. In university she improved sharply and eventually excelled in all subjects. Now she is doing the same in the world of work. When I heard she was having difficulties in cold calling (one of the most hated jobs in selling) I lent her several books on the subject. And in her inimical style she has ploughed through them, extracted the nuggets and is now using these every day to great effect.

So what's love got to do with it (as the song goes)? First, she loves learning. Like me she gets a real buzz from the 'aha' of discovery. And, in this instance, she learned that projecting love down the phone has a powerful persuasive effect on the person at the other end. This doesn't mean that she goes all sugar and spice with the executives she speaks to, but it does mean she shows a universal love of people and a passion for her work. And a nice bonus is that she gets to feel good about herself too.

'Love makes the world go around' is another very true song and when you feel this your words will reflect your emotions and will infect others with love too. The success formula is simple and would make a great book title. With apologies to Napoleon Hill: 'Love and grow rich'. 

Your comments

In the teachings of Abraham, he instructs on the Rampage of Appreciation. It works the same way. Congratulations on discovering this truth.

-- tess

 May I give you the reader and the writer of the article. I am a Handwriting Analyst and i work with the unconscious and writing - even on the computer.
When We do not use the capitals we have been taught in school for sentences and for your name. Our mind says to us that that person does not think well of themselves. Also No caps on your name shows you have a tendency to be lazy.
Just a helpful hint!

-- Polly Cady C.G

Excellent very usefull thanks for giving suach a nice article

-- Mohan D

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