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Climb the business success ladder quickly by excelling in your public speaking skills


Guest articles > Climb the business success ladder quickly by excelling in your public speaking skills


by: Paul Trevino


In the past the accepted way of climbing the business ladder was by starting at the bottom and working hard until you reached the top; your rise would come over time as you gained experience. However, the current generation is much more impatient and is eager to climb the ladder quicker. To facilitate this they will change companies frequently, climbing as they go.

There are several essential skills which you will need to develop in order to climb the corporate ladder:

  • Have a plan for your rise; you should know where you want to go and the best route to get there. Your plan can be reevaluated as often as necessary.
  • Education is essential, you need to continue to learn and study to ensure you know everything you can about your chosen field.
  • Networking is another essential part of your rise; you need to create friendships and connections which will help you get where you want to go. These people will also be able to assist you once you are there. This includes being aware of the company, its goals and the bosses motivation.
  • Show everyone that you can and will do what is needed to get a job done; including the jobs that others are not keen on. It is important to dress and behave in a manner which suits the job you want, not the one you currently have.

Whilst all these skills, and more, are essential to help you climb the corporate ladder; you should never underestimate the importance of being a good public speaker.

At some point in your career you will need to talk to others, this may be a meeting with your boss, the board, a new job interview or even a presentation to demonstrate your idea or new technology. All of these scenarios require you to be able to talk to people confidently; this is the same skills which are necessary to be a good public speaker. You can improve your public speaking skills by using the following techniques:

Practice makes perfect

You can create a speech and practice in front of a video camera to inspire confidence in yourself and your material. However to really practice delivering a speech it is possible to join a speech club. Different members take it in turns to give a speech and you will receive support and tips from the other members. These clubs are also an excellent opportunity to listen and evaluate other speakers. You can learn from the way they present themselves and the way they talk.

Create a meaningful speech – offer value to your audience

When giving a speech it is important to think about what you want to say, what the key points are and how you can relate them to your audience. This will ensure your speech is appealing whether you are going for a promotion, new job or a new record in crowd funding! It is essential to know your audience and how to talk to them. A good speech should allow them to relate to you; this will ensure they are interested in what you have to say and in helping you to achieve your goals.

Meeting new people and learning from them

Joining a speaking club and even volunteering to give speeches will do more than just improve your confidence and speaking skills. It will also provide you with the opportunity to meet other, like-minded people and gain their assistance and support in your own goals. It is possible to gain mutually beneficial support from these friends.


Being prepared to step up and voice your opinion or even that of your colleagues will ensure that others see you as a natural leader. This will help you to win their respect and advance your career, with their support. Being part of a team will allow you to reach new career heights as you will have support and inspiration from those around you, creating a nurturing environment.

Are you ready to get into the corporate world and help your business thrive? First you need to mater your public speaking skills. These will help you connect with people, grab their attention and make them interested in what you have to offer.


By Paul Trevino and!

Contributor: Paul Trevino

Published here on: 03-Apr-16

Classification: Communication


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