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How reading is the best way to gain experience for entrepreneurs


Guest articles > How reading is the best way to gain experience for entrepreneurs


by: Lee Trevino

The latest research has shown that the number of people reading literature is steadily decreasing. Although this trend is happening across most groups of people it is of particular concern that the number of business people reading is decreasing. Most of the biggest leaders in business have been known to be avid readers; this includes people like Winston Churchill, Nike founder Phil Knight and Steve Jobs. In fact reading provides a range of helpful benefits:

Reading expands your horizons and makes you wiser

The evidence shows that people who read regularly will generally be more intelligent. This is because reading broadens the mind and provides a vast amount of useful information and knowledge. This additional knowledge also helps improve intuition and problem solving skills. It is believed this happens as reading exposes the mind to a large amount of information which has been collected from various places around the world. This helps you to understand how decisions are made and to use the facts you have available to choose the right path for the future.

Improved communication abilities

Reading has been shown to help people improve their communication skills. As well as being an excellent method for improving your vocabulary, research has shown that reading a novel can help to improve your ability to emphasize with others and can even help people to understand and respond to social cues. It is believed that being able to communicate effectively with others is of invaluable assistance when seeking promotion or when you are looking for business support and finance. This is essential to any entrepreneur.

Better leadership skills

It has been suggested that reading books will help you to understand how others lead and what qualities are essential in a leader. As you learn these qualities you will be able to apply them to your own life and use these skills to attract new investment or customers. Understanding the principles of a good leader will also help you to manage your staff and your time better.

Greater health – mental and physical

Reading has been shown to help reduce stress. For a short while you are able to transport yourself into another world and escape the pressures and stresses of the real world. This has been shown to be an exceptionally good way of relaxing and can help you take stock of your current situation and focus on what you need to do next. Regular reading has also been linked with a reduced chance of contracting Alzheimer’s. This is thought to be linked to the theory that an active brain will be less likely to succumb to the effects of this terrible affliction. The brain is like any other muscle; the more it is used the stronger it is.

Getting started

If you are not already an avid reader then there is a variety of methods by which you can start your new hobby:

  • Join a reading group, or create one. Meet up regularly to review a book you are all reading, it will help to focus the mind.
  • Variety is the spice of life and this is true for reading. The more different genres you read the better!
  • Use it. If you are struggling with a complicated issue, pick up a book and see if the problem solving used in the book can be applied to your current situation.
  • Fun. You should attempt to read just because you can! This will maximize the potential health benefits.

It is also important to note that there is no right or wrong material;

Your current needs

Read the book that is most relevant to you today. You are unique and a book which everyone else recommends may not be the one for you. Choose your next read based on what is happening in your life right now.

It is quite possible you will be recommended books faster than you can read them. To deal with this you should create a list of all the books you would like to read. The list should, preferably, have a brief summary of each book. This will ensure you choose the best one for you each time.

By Paul Trevino and!

Contributor: Lee Trevino

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