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How to win any dispute with ease!


Guest articles > How to win any dispute with ease!


by: Alex IR


Dispute is quite common in relationships or at workplace and what is more common is everyone’s intention to be a winner of disputes. For this reason, we try to stand by our point of view strongly till the end with the notion that only that will make us a winner. We shout, scream and yell to support our point! Remember that the person who has mistakes only will shout and the person who is really strong in what he thinks will be calm and composed. Have you ever observed lawyers shouting when arguing in the court? They try to make the accused or evidence angry and come out with truth through soft words only.

There are some ways through which you can win any argument with ease. First things first, never shout when you argue. Even when the other person shouts, stay calm. By doing so you are increasing the person’s temper more and grab chances of winning. When a person is very angry he or she will not have valuable points to speak. When the other person is void, just one or two strong points will make you a winner. Use some facts when speaking. You can give some statistical report on the topic you speak, no matter if it is right or wrong. It is their headache to find if it is right or wrong. By speaking in an informative way the other person will get scared thinking that you know more about the subject of argument.

Try using the opponent’s point of view against him or her but this happens very rarely. If you have given only one or two strong valid points then make it big by appreciating yourself for telling that. For example, if you were having a dispute with someone on a country’s economy and the discussion was going on for a very long time. You put forward this point, “Do we really pay our tax on time honestly and without that how can we expect our country’s economy to grow? Unless we do our duty consciously we don’t have the rights to speak. I don’t think anyone will be able to counter my argument.” From the example, you will be able to see how the person has boasted of his argument and this will declare you as a winner with ease.

Disputes with colleagues or boss can be approached with the aim of winning but in relationships especially with life partner should be handled with care because once you lose, you will never get them back. On the whole managing a conflict or dispute is quite easy when you stay calm. At times your silence can win arguments but not always too. When you are involved in a dispute with an arrogant person, you will have to be arrogant to first make him or her listen to you. Evaluate the situation and person and act accordingly to win any dispute. The article would have given a good insight into some techniques to be followed to win a dispute and I hope the tips are practical too.


Alex IR is the main brain in He is looking for the most actual questions in psychology and in communication to give to visitors and readers interesting and useful information.

Alex IR Communication

Contributor: Alex IR

Published here on: 27-May-12

Classification: Conflict, Persuasion


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