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So, what is Sales 2.0? … Anyone?


Guest articles > So, what is Sales 2.0? … Anyone?


by: Jonathan Farrington


Can you hear that?

Can you hear the deathly silence …?

It is what I have been listening to for the past five years; hardly a murmur.

And do you know what? I am not at all surprised. If the man who first coined the term, way back in 2006 cannot describe it, then the rest of you have little chance.

It was of course, Mr Sales 2.o, Nigel Edelshain, who one bright and sunny summer’s day, dreamed it all up – and then failed to copyright it, thus losing out on a small fortune, whilst watching others gorge themselves at this new trough of opportunity. In fact, many have become obscenely obese.

But I would never consider criticizing our young “inventor” He is a very fine man, and could not possibly have imagined at the time, that his very simple “conclusions” would change the selling landscape for ever – after all, logically, the canvas that we had become so used to – so comfortable with – was already more than 2000 years old?

Now we have an entire industry based around a “phenomenon” which nobody really understands. And no doubt the debate will continue, right around the globe, probably until England are awarded the World Cup – yes, probably forever, or at least until somebody, somewhere, on a bright and sunny summer’s day, has a “eureka” moment, and introduces us to Sales 3.0. Did I just hear the scurrying of feet, heading for the local Patent Office?

So, here we are: We have Sales 2.0 solutions; Sales 2.0 websites; Sales 2.0 conferences; Sales 2.0 compliance …. Etc.

I am going to issue a challenge: To the person, or persons, who can provide me with the best, clear, concise and coherent – dare I add plausible – definition of what Sales 2.0 actually is, I will award a bottle of Roederer Cristal champagne - deal?

Just one word of warning – please do not tell me that it replaced “Sales 1.0″ because nobody used that term until Sales 2.0 came along!!!

Oh, and I suggest you do not ask your clients and customers, because they definitely will not have a clue!

Jonathan Farrington is Chairman of The JF Corporation and CEO of Top Sales Associates, based in London and Paris. He is also the creator and CEO of Top Sales World and the man behind the Annual Top Sales Awards. More about Jonathan:

Contributor: Jonathan Farrington

Published here on: 23-Oct-11

Classification: Leadership


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