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My thoughts about life trials and fate


Guest articles > My thoughts about life trials and fate


by: Tomas Greiciunas


There some things in our lives we can and must change when trials and storms come. Some things though should stay the same. It's all about finding the balance.

The greatest human wisdom is the ability to adapt to the conditions and stay calm in all the storms. (D. Defoe)

If you remember the recent economic crisis of the year two thousand and eight, when such banks like Lehman brothers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went bankrupt, many families lost their homes, jobs, finances and financial security. The greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression began and even now in two thousand eleventh year the whole world is still struggling to get out of financial pit which seem to be getting deeper and deeper. However, such hard times present an excellent opportunity to test ourselves whether we are able to withstand financial and economic trials and come out of them even stronger. Sadly, some people refuse to fight and choose the easy way – they declare bankruptcy, flee to other countries to escape the justice or even commit suicide. Such desperate measures only prove their inability to endure life storms which eventually come, you want it or not.

We may loose our job, career our homes and even our families. Our wives and husbands may leave us, sickness may come and God knows, what other hardship may be looming in our way. The quote by D. Defoe is perfectly embodied in his Robinson Crusoe character. If you remember, he was cast away into the uninhabited island without any shelter food or water and had to find a way to stay alive. He could also choose to simply shoot himself in the head or cut his veins, but he feared God and chose the right and the hard way – surviving on the island. It takes guts and wisdom to survive in the economic crisis, but it takes even more to survive and stay calm in the uninhabited island all by yourself.

It's not wise to be afraid of the inevitability. (P. Sir)

There is one excellent quote about time taken from the Bible. It goes like this: “It's time to be born and it's time to die; it's time to plant and it's time to reap; it's time to kill and it's time to heal...” I have just quoted a small part of the extract. I think, we don't need the whole of it to get the message, right? This quote by P. Sir about the inevitability has to be considered in the right way. What I mean by this is, sometimes you have to fight what's standing in your way to success and happiness.

If you remember the first part of the “The Matrix” movie, you might also remember the scene, where Neo and the agent are fighting on the subway railing. As the train loudly approaches, the agent says: “'s the sound of inevitability...”, meaning that Neo will be smashed under the train. However, Neo survives and the train runs over the agent instead. That was not something inevitable – he just had to resist and fight – and he won. That's just one part of the message and you have to get it right – very often you have to fight for your life, your freedom, success and happiness.

Still, there is another part of the stick – sometimes you just have to let it come your way. You have to accept what's natural and inevitable – be it your age, look, physical abilities or something else. Some people are so afraid of getting old and wish so badly to delay the effects of aging, they get several plastic surgeries. After few years the number of “body improvements” will rise in arithmetical progression, which results in depression, stress, skin and whole body damage. Others are so unhappy about the colour of their skin that they change it to white and the consequences are rather harsh. There are some things you can change and there is something you can't. Instead, you can look in the eye of the inevitable and adapt to it – that's what is wise according to P. Sir and I cannot disagree with it.



Tomas Greiciunas is an IT specialist, Sunday school teacher and a successful online writer. He also runs a funny life quotes and quotes about life websites where inspirational and exquisite ideas are found and shared.

Contributor: Tomas Greiciunas

Published here on: 05-Jun-11

Classification: Development

MSWord: My thoughts about trials and fate.doc


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