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5 Books on Negotiations You Must Read


Guest articles > 5 Books on Negotiations You Must Read


by: Richard Hemby


Have you ever felt beaten in a battle because you could not negotiate? Sure lawyers seem to have that task down, but what about the rest of us? Indeed, the common business owner or husband aiming to win an argument can still get the same skill set as those legal minds, but it may require a little reading. If negotiation sounds like something you want to learn and perfect, check out some of the books listed below.

The Manager as Negotiator by David Lax

This book is written for business mangers out there to help them maximize the results of their negotiations. It focuses on the art of negotiation and how it impacts the decision of a business owner. It is highly acclaimed by critics for being a simple representation of an otherwise complicated process. Bargains are never easily achieved, but they can be less stressful with this book in hand.

Essentials of Negotiation by Roy Lewicki, Bruce Berry, David Sanders, and John Minton

As the name of the book implies, Essentials of Negotiation covers all the basics of bargaining. It looks at the concept from a psychological perspective, and it focuses on ways to use negotiations to solve group conflict. It is a derivative of a larger book, simply titled Negotiation. This is a simplified version though, so it makes for an easier read and a more condensed resource for learning.

Getting Ready to Negotiate by Roger Fisher and Danny Ertel

This book takes a step back from the art of negotiation and focuses more on how to plan for it. With this book, readers learn how to set up a strategy for negotiation so that they will yield the best results. The process will vary from one situation to the next, and this book helps people learn how to adapt to those variances.

The Art and Science of Negotiation by Howard Raiffa

In this book, Raiffa gives a unique insight into the situations where negotiation would be implied. The book approaches negotiation in a way that seems simple, but at the same time, it showcases how complex negotiating really is. The author examines how to get the most out of your bargaining, and he does so in an academic but readable manner.

Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People by G. Richard Shell

The author of this book has had his fair share of experience in the world of high stakes negotiation. Although his knowledge goes far beyond that of the common reader, Shell manages to bring the steps down to a general person's level of understanding. This is a step by step guide that virtually anyone could follow to get their foot in the right spot during a negotiation.


This following guest article was written by Richard Hemby who regularly writes about accredited online degrees and college related topics for Online College Guru, an online college degree guide.

Contributor: Richard Hemby

Published here on: 10-Jan-10

Classification: Negotiation

Website: accredited online degrees

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