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Procrastinate Procrastination


Guest articles > Procrastinate Procrastination


by: Louis Lautman


How many times a day do you say the words “I’ll get around to it later,” or “let me just do this first?” If you are like most of us, yes including my self, chances are not a single day goes by with out procrastinating on something. The following message is so simple, yet so can be so hard sometimes to follow through on. After reading this passage it is my belief that you will become a little bit more motivated to procrastinate your procrastinating.

The reasoning behind doing any thing is simply to avoid pain or gain pleasure. Why did we wait to write that book report in grade school until the last minute? Because we did not gain pleasure out of writing, we preferred to watch television, or hang out with our friends or had rather of done thousands of things. We choose to do it on the very last night before it was do because we realized that we would face enough pain if we did not have the report to hand in the next day, so we would sacrifice that one day of pleasure to avoid the pain of a bad grade or a teacher or parent reprimanding us.

Now when we are at work and we have our list of things to do…why do we always do the easiest things first? Because they are the easiest, and no one wants to live a hard life right? Well the longer you put something off; the harder it will be to start later.

Have you ever wanted to tell that person that you are dating that you no longer wish to date them? Why do we think about telling them for days, weeks, and even months before we break things off? (check out my articles Relationships) Because it is comfortable and the thought of putting ourselves in that situation is uncomfortable. Remember we do things for two reasons, avoid pain or receive pleasure.

How do we change? Change what you link pain and pleasure to. Confused? First you must look at what it is that you know must be done - making that phone call, mowing the lawn, or going to one of my seminars. In the past you have found it more pleasurable to do what ever it was that you were doing instead of doing the aforementioned. Now you must think about what would happen if you don’t do what must be done now and what would happen if you keep putting this thing off.

What is it like to wake up every morning next to a person you no longer love? Seeing them everyday and wishing you were not in a relationship with them, knowing that you deserve better. Every time you look at them thinking how unhappy you are with your life if things don’t change. You must feel the pain of not taking action and see how your life will be if you continue procrastinating.

Next imagine what life would be like in the near future if what you were putting off was accomplished. Maybe you made that phone call to that difficult to deal with prospect. Imagine that you were able to relate with them and inspire them to agree with whatever it was that you were trying to persuade them to do. How would it feel to have gained their agreement on the issue? What would it be like to finally make that sale and celebrate the commission? What would you do with the money? How would you enjoy it? Who would you share it with?

You must see the pleasure in doing the task that you have been procrastinating on. Maybe you have wanted to come to one of my ULTIMATE FREEDOM events, but instead sat around drinking beer, thinking…“maybe next time.” Up until now there wasn’t enough motivation to actually call me and buy a ticket. Insanity is continuing with life the way that it is and expecting a different result. In order for things to change, you must change. You must see the pain of not taking the action. How would life look if you never attended my ULTIMATE FREEDOM event? How would you feel if you knew that things wouldn’t get any better because you were afraid to make a positive decision to creating an extraordinary life for yourself?

Again imagine the benefits of attending this event. What are others achieving after attending this event? What could be possible for you after attending this event? What kind of breakthroughs could you have from this event? You must link enough pleasure in taking positive action in the direction of the event. Do it now. What have you been putting off? What would you really like to do? What has been holding you back? What can you now make possible for your life by putting off procrastinating? Can you procrastinate later? After a while of procrastinating procrastination, you will make taking positive action part of your life and will receive pain from procrastination. Taking action will be a natural reaction.

Practice makes perfect. Practice every day the exercise mentioned above about feeling the pain of procrastination and feeling the pleasure of taking action. Soon enough we will be reading about you and your accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to think big. Every attempt you do not even try will guarantee you not getting what you want.


-- o --

Louis Lautman is a business consultant, life coach and peak performance expert. He is the president of International Sales University, a sales training company based in Miami FL. He runs extraordinary public and private seminars to create breakthroughs and transform your life. Louis can be contacted at 813-380-7467 or Check his website at

Contributor: Louis Lautman

Published here on: 08-Jul-07

Classification: Development

MSWord document: Procrastinate Procrastination.doc



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